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So yah anyways. There's Some Sadness about how Albus died.… - Welcom Witches and Wizards [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Harry Potter For E-Cliffe!

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[Jul. 18th, 2005|11:43 am]
Harry Potter For E-Cliffe!


[Current Mood |busy]

So yah anyways. There's Some Sadness about how Albus died. But seriously we all know it had to happen sometime..De man is old, so.. maybe he woulda died of old age anyways.. When Milen Told Me someone died I thought it was someone important like the SEXXXXXXXXI Ron.. Which would've meant no more Rupert in the movies. What a BLAH movie that would've become.. So yah. Don't go around crying TOO much about Dumbbely. He's In Magic Heaven now Kiddles. Ohh. lmaoo. I was in Cottage Country, And i really haven't read the book, so maybe I don't Understand completely, but.. I still think i'd feel the same way. Like.. Who cared when Cedric died, and that stupid lil' Playette Cho came?.. Oh By the Way =P.. Right now I say BOOK # 4 is the besterest. Maybe #6 will change my mindd. ahh well. So.. Damn There's gonna be some eevvvvilll in the next book. We shall wait and see... EHH BIYATCHES. NOVEMBER 18.. Is the SEXI-DATE of The release of The Goblet Of Fire.. Woaaaahweee. Rupert and Me shall be Re-united. And Does Anyone wanna go with me to Europe for the Release of the 5th movie? We'll offically be old enough to fly alone.. Save up, nd let me know !