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Finally finished - Welcom Witches and Wizards [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Harry Potter For E-Cliffe!

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Finally finished [Jul. 18th, 2005|04:14 pm]
Harry Potter For E-Cliffe!


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OMG I finished HBP at 12:40 this morning! It was sooo crazy!
Spoilers ahead KAYSIE DONT READ!

Ha-ha I was just reading the book to Rasheeda cuz she donst have it yet in St Lucia!
Anyways OMG this book! I'm gonna write in random points
1-somehow I figured out that Snape was the Half-Blood Prince like 3 Chapters before he said it. I don’t know how though. But he turned to Evil, like there was never any proof you know, that Snape was actually evil. I was so surprised in Chapter 2*spinners end* I was so not expecting that. But I think snape didn’t actually know the plan, he Lugimens...ed it. The plan for Narcissa and Draco…
2-When I was reading the book, I realized how hard this will be to make into a movie and cuz honestly, and you can’t miss out any of the memories and like everything else has to be in, EVERYTHING!

3- Dementors breeding? That seriously freaked me the out.

4-When Moaning myrtle was talking about a boy, Neville was the first name that came to mind, but Draco! I was surprised, but I felt like cuddling with an evil snarky blond 16 year old boy ‘_* I thought it was soooo cute, I bet he looked really sexy! Haaha anyways, woah that “Secrumsempra” is effing CRAZY!! I woulda started screaming if I was Harry. But Draco didn’t seem in too much pain. He was just shaking, no screaming or moaning…? This might have been when I realized Snape was the Half blood Prince. He knew how to fix the wounds. And I believe that this was his own spell as said in the fight in the end. But just an added note, the spell that made Ron go Upside down, Harry noticed it wasn’t written during Sirius and James time, that’s because it was created by Eileen Prince, Snape’s mother. That could be 50 years before Harry’s time.

5-This book was so sad!!!! I started crying when Dumbledore was drinking the potion and he was like screaming in agony "No! I don’t ...I don’t want anymore!" omg and then I was crying the WHOLE end of the book at 1 o’clock in the morning and my face was all red and my eyes hurt and :'( The thing is, I knew it was coming, someone had scanned the page where its like “he…Snape Killed” ext… and the person said it was page 606. so when I got the book, I opened it to that page and it was all clear. SO I didn’t believe it. Then I was looking through the end, and I saw it at like page 588 and I was in awe! Honestly, the potion drinking part was soo sad, and then when Harry goes to Dumbledore when everyone is around him, so sad!

6- I was trying to figure out what exactly connects CoS to HBP because all I really noticed was (CoS) Tom Riddle and (HBP) his background and (CoS) the diary/memory being a (HBP) Hurcrux. Then I read this… it’s the FAQ on Jkrowling.com
“The link I mentioned between books two and six does not, in fact relate to the ”Half-Blood Prince” (because there is no trace left of HBP storyline in “Chamber”) Rather, it relates to a discovery Harry made in “Chamber: that foreshadows something that he finds out in “Prince”
Is that the only connection? I had thought something more major woulda have been the subject at hand, but I guess I was wrong.

7- Was there any indication of the two-sided mirror in HBP? Joanne Rowling had mention as the second spoiler/last question on the FAQ that “it will help more then you think. but you’ll have to read the final books to understand that. Did I miss it? Or are we waiting for book 7?

1-Ron and Lavender was sooo ranchy! All they did was make out I WANNA BE LAVENDER! Lol. But if it was me, we wouldn’t have just made out ;) joking!
2-Ginny and Harry was bound to happen! It was a dirty relation ship though. Harry was having*dreams*(Aka fantasies) about her. He had a raging beast inside him! Geez horny boy!
3-Tonks and Lupin, I thought Tonks was in love with Sirius (who cares if there cousins?)But that was soo cute at the end where all the Adult Weasleys are on Tonks’side helping Remus think about it. And then they were holding hands! Soo cute, but I don’t get why Tonks’hair is mousy…? And I’m assuming her new Patronouse is a Werewolf?

I think for now thats everything, Iv been workign on this all day!


From: jk_ismy_hero
2005-07-19 01:10 am (UTC)

holy shit it was sooo good eh?

guys. that was ridiculous. i was sooo glued to the book i onlt ate once while i was reading it! i finished it in the middle of the night saturday. but it was sooo addictive! i wouldnt even want to stop reading to go take a shit. i think i got about two hours of sleep besides sunday and thats onlt becausse i fell asleep reading it. anyways, that book was really sad! i cried twice reeading it(1. dumbledore's death 2. ginny and harry breaking up... but i think that was mostly cause i was so shook up about dumbledore.) yes i know... im a pussy. but some of the parts were really funny. I personally liked it when harry told scrimgeour off.. twice! it was soooo crazy! by far the best one yet... jkr is getting good! anyways. enjoy. franky
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[User Picture]From: lonly_girl
2005-07-19 03:32 pm (UTC)

Re: holy shit it was sooo good eh?

I know i cried like a baby,:'( So no your not a pussy...unless i am one hahah lol.
But Jkr asid that she was most happy about this book when she was done.
BTW shes ALWAYS been good
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